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How can we Target your Market?

Search Ads

Search Ads are the text ads that appear at the top of page one of Google and Google’s Search Partners, like Google Maps. The idea is simple. Someone searches for your service. They see an ad and click on it. They go to your website. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

In essence, it’s a “pay-for-performance” type of marketing. You only pay for quality, high-converting traffic to your website.

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Aim Locally can create Responsive Ads for your business that will fit most available ad spaces. Or, you can create your own.

Remarketing and Display Ads

Display Ads appear on other websites that have installed “Google Display Network Ads.” Google acts as a broker between the publishers of these websites and the advertisers like you. Like Search Ads, these ads are usually “pay-per-click.” The advertisements are highly targeted which increase how effective they can be.

Targeting options range from “people that have visited your website (called “Remarketing Ads”), to “people in Denver that have been looking for a new home” to “females between 35 and 55 in New Hampshire in the top 10% income bracket with children that love cooking” or “men on the West Coast, 18 to 35 that love Dungeons and Dragons”.

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