Google Ads – Pricing

There are three charges for Google Ads:

  1. Your Monthly Google Budget – What you pay Google for the clicks
  2. Your Aim Locally Service Fee
  3. A small, one-time Setup Fee

First, you’ll need to work with your Aim Locally Rep to determine a Monthly Google Budget.  Google will charge your credit card roughly that amount each month.

Aim Locally will charge your credit card for the One-Time Setup Fee and the Monthly Service Fee.

How our Google Ads Fees work:

With your Aim Locally Rep, determine the services and the budget that’s right for your business. Most small businesses will want to start with Search Ads.  These are the ads that appear at the top of Page One of Google. For an example, let’s say you wanted to start with a $1500 / month Google Budget and only wanted Search Ads. 

You would have a One-Time Setup Fee of $200 and your Monthly Service Fee would be $499.

If you wanted to run $4000 in Search, Remarketing and Display Ads, then your One-Time Setup Fee would be $600 and your Monthly Service Fee would be $1299.


All Aim Locally Services are month-to-month. You can discontinue our Google Ads Service at anytime. Once notified, we will stop all your Google Ads as soon as we can. 

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